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Отправлено macron 06 октября, 2008 в 12:07:48:

6 сентября 2008 вышла DVD-версия фанского симулятора на движке Freespace 2

Выложена архивом около 2 гиг здесь:

The Babylon Project v3.4b Core (FINAL) - Everything you need to get started playing and building your own missions and campaigns. Includes two campaigns, the Earth-Minbari War Demo and Raider Wars.

The Babylon Project User-Made Campaign Pack v2.0 - Contains 15 additional excellent User-Made Campaigns and Mission Sets as well as Multiplayer Mission Updates. All are the latest versions at the time of release.

Advanced installer for TBP v3.4b Final and Campaign Pack v2.0. The Advanced Installer features full installation customizing and maintance options and well as theme music and slide show during install.

Highly Customized DVD Menu with full motion Intro Video, interactive ReadMe and Extras Menus with authentic B5 Music, Sounds and TBP Graphics. Also includes links to Babylon 5 and TBP related websites.

Printable Custom TBP DVD Label Art for the Disc and your choice of DVD or Jewel case layouts. Includes Generic JPG Images and Nero Cover Designer Templates.

TBP Movie Collection - Five TBP Related Videos and Teasers.

FreeSpace Development Extraction Tools. Useful tools the would-be modders.

DirectX 9.0c and OpenAL is included.

Additional Microsoft Voices - Mary, Mike and the hard to find Anna (the best one).

Gaming Hardware profiles for Saitek X52 HOTAS Joystick and Game Commander 2 Voice Command Software.

PLUS Bouns Desktop Items to pimp out you PC desktop in true Babylon 5 Style!


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