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Отправлено Reist 15 декабря, 2007 в 16:45:15:

В ответ на: Re: Хмммzzzz ) отправлено MaxStoun 14 декабря, 2007 в 01:10:54:

One side-effect of this...after the sales on B5:TLT came in, way
exceeding WB's projections, they initiated talks about what to do
next, including commissioning more DVDs. Looking at the calendar, I
suggested that they might want to hurry the bureaucratic process
because we were going to be in a strike situation soon, so if they
wanted to move, they'd better commision a script fast.

And they said in response, and I quote verbatim, "We don't want to be
pressured in the process because we know there's not going to be a
strike this year, we can handle the Guild."


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