Re: Утеряные сказания HD?

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Отправлено Andy La Rubin 05 мая, 2007 в 13:40:05:

В ответ на: Re: Утеряные сказания HD? отправлено E.Asper 05 мая, 2007 в 01:48:02:

Я, честно говоря, сам не сильно в теме. Но вот что нарыл:

I've been told that the Lost Tales will be available on the XBox Live 360 Marketplace, and in 720p format! I heard they might be avilable BEFORE the DVDs are released.

Anyone who has an Xbox 360 with a live/marketplace account should be dancing.

Which, BTW, the marketplace is a cool service. Beats the hell out of what Apple has been trying to get people to do --- pay for a sh*t quality download that fits in a small screen. Marketplace allows downloads of 720p, 480p, and a few other resolutions, all for perfect viewing on your HDTV. Pretty cheap in costs too. There are already tons of movies and TV show episodes on there and available --- the only ones we probably won't see are Sony movies (3 guesses why) and some of the TV networks are still shying away from it for now. CBS, however, has fully embraced it, as ALL of their shows are available for download in HD.

Ok, enough of that plug, bottom line: TLT will be available there too in HD and possibly before the DVDs are released!

Т.е. я так понял, что владельцы XBox 360 могут куда-то в онлайне пойти со своего утюга и слить за некоторую плату The Lost Tales (когда те выйдут) в HD-резолюшне.

Вот что еще есть по этому поводу, спекуляции довольно известного фаната Joe DeMartino:

"The Lost Tales" *is* getting a hi-def day-and-date release - on XBox
360. It is one of the first two titles that Warner Bros. is
releasing for paid download to the game system under a new deal with

That's the bad news. The good news is that the WB deal almost
certainly gives XBox an exclusive *window* for the hi-def version,
after which WB will be free to release the film in hi-def on disc as
well. Since Warner Bros. supports both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray I don't
expect this to be an either-or proposition. (In fact, since WB knows
that "B5" fans tend to be early adopters - much more so than "Trek"
fans from the anecdotal evidence I've seen over the years - I think
"TLT" may be one of the first TotalHD discs they bring to market.
TotalHD is WB's HD combo disc, with HD-DVD on one side and Blu-Ray on
the other, an attempt to get around consumer's fears of getting stuck
with a collection of discs in the "losing" format.)

That's speculation, but educated speculation.

Т.е. чуваг 1) подтверждает информацию про XBox 2) надеется, что раз Warnerы поддерживают и HD-DVD и Blu-Ray, то они скорее всего появятся либо на том, либо на том, либо на обоих в формате TotalHD (двухсторонний диск на одной стороне которого HD-DVD, а на другой Blu-Ray).


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