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Отправлено 007 13 марта, 2006 в 12:35:32:

В ответ на: Re: Маникюр по минбарски и не только... отправлено Lora Silg 13 марта, 2006 в 07:53:30:

Тоже звезда, только "рамочкой" на фоне герба.
JMS по этому поводу высказывался:
Date: 3 Oct 1994 17:51:41 -0400
Subject: capitalism in babylon 5 lookin

Garibaldi hustled Naomi out of there because she was the head of
the strike, and he came specifically to arrest her.

While to varying degrees there's less nationalism in the future of
B5, it's not like everyone's suddenly talking like the folks on Melrose
Place. Americans are, nominally, one country...but you can get accents
of varying kinds all over the country, sometimes within miles of one
another. This is just realism.

The star on Ivanova's helmet is a traditional Russian star, going
back to Tsarist russia and beyond, not a Red Star

The writer for "By Any Means Necessary" is Kathryn Drennan, who is
very astute politically, a believer in the rights of workers (and all
folks, actually), and think that characters are more interesting if they
act smart than if they act stupid.

And yes, Ivanova's a hoot.
Subj: Babylon 5: Quickies Section: Babylon 5
To: Richard M. Perry, Thursday, August 24, 1995 9:10:31 PM
From: J. Michael Straczynski, 71016,1644#310634

thing? If so that could tell us a little more about the character.
So, uh, is that a screamin' eagle I see on Ivanova's helmet?>

Yes, Sheridan chose that traditional marking. And it's a
traditional Russian eagle on Ivanova's helmet
Коротко по русски: традиционная русская звезда на фоне традиционного русского орла :)


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