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Отправлено Ksander 20 февраля, 2006 в 23:28:41:

Вычитал на сайте МонгузПаблишинг.
Если коротко, то говорят, что новые книжки по Вавилону будут 100% каноничные. Выпуск книг начнется в июле\августе. Сорри, что без перевода :)

А если подробнее, то:

Latest news.

1. All going well, there will be a special preview edition of the first Babylon 5 novel, Visions of Peace, available at the Babylon 5 Open Day. Numbers will be _very_ limited, and this edition will not be reprinted (the cover will be noticeably different from the general release).

2. All novels will be 100% canon.

3. The full range of novels will begin release in July/August - I am still waiting to hear an exact date. The first month of release will see four novels, the second month another two. I am waiting confirmation of releases beyond that point.

4. I have already read part of Miss Christian's novel and I can now officially call it 'Most Excellent'.

5. We have recently initiated talks with another Babylon 5 actor who has expressed an interest in writing a new novel.

6. Work has started on tying up Crusade. . .


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