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Отправлено Сергей S 19 января, 2005 в 15:09:52:

В ответ на: Re: Для знатоков ворлонцев отправлено Andy La Rubin 19 января, 2005 в 14:30:16:

Мда… Покопавшись в аналах, наискалось следующее:

    “While Entil-zha has a vague translation, which is what is stated in"Dream,"
    we've translated isil-zha ever since Marcus appeared in the show...Franklin
    asks while they're in medlab, if you recall, and he points to the center stone
    and says it's called isil-zha, meaning the future.”

    “Not really, no...I always imagined that Z'ha'dum was originally
    the Minbari word for the place, and the Z'ha has echoes in Entil-zha
    and Isil-zha. The dum (doom) part is obvious. Not to say I wasn't
    aware of Khazad-dum, but it wasn't on my mind at the time.”
что Захадум - это минбарское слово...
Выходит, что так.


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