21.12.04 Первоисточник последних слухов

Похоже, найден первоисточник последних слухов. Нижеследующий текст был опубликован 13 декабря на http://www.myentertainmentworld.com (сейчас его вроде там уже нет). Это т.н. casting call, разосланный студией для набора актёров. Собственно из него, похоже, и вылезли все слухи по сюжету и возможному рекастингу актеров:

(UK) – Send pictures & resume ASAP to: Details Are only Available By  Subscription.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Adam W. Rosen, Doug Netter;
PRODUCER, Alain Gottesman, J. Michael Straczynski;
DIRECTOR, Steven Beck;
SCREENWRITER, J. Michael Straczynski;
EXTRAS CASTING DIRECTOR, Donald Paul Pemrick, Dean Fronk.
Shoot Dates: Early April, 2005 (in UK).


Diane Baker: Late 20s or early 30s. A bright and attractive woman. She's an Earthforce Intelligence Officer in civilian clothes who is reputed to  be one of the best agents in the service. When her beloved brother is  killed in a mysterious explosion on his spacecraft, Diane sets out to  learn what caused the tragedy. She suspects a top-level cover-up – but  before she can get to the root of the problem, she is herself accused of  conspiracy and murder. Despite the efforts of her friend, Elizabeth Lochley, to shield her, Diane finds herself behind bars, prey to a corrupt official who will stop at nothing to protect his greedy self-interest. But to Diane's amazement, the remarkable Galen, a  techno-mage of near-supernatural skill and daring, enlists her help in  unraveling the real mystery behind the recent deaths. Their investigation reveals that an ancient technology perfected by the mystic extinct Shadow race is being unleashed upon mankind by some as yet unknown conspirator. Once unleashed, the huge and all powerful shadow vessels could enslave the entire galaxy – unless quick steps are taken to avert calamity. Star Name Only. Lead;

Galen: 30–45. A cloaked, mysterious figure. He appears to be human – but  there's an intensity about him that bespeaks something supernaturally powerful and enigmatic. Yet there's also something wry and urbane about Galen, a suggestion that he has humor and wicked wit lurking under his  inscrutable exterior. A techno-mage – one of an ancient sect that used science to perform apparently miraculous feats – Galen is the guardian left behind by his kind to ensure that the ancient Shadow technology did  not fall into the wrong hands. Aghast when he realizes that his long vigilance has been violated, Galen sets out to learn who is behind the  Shadow technology that now threatens the galaxy. He teams with the  feisty Diane in his investigation and he comes to feel real tenderness for his human ally. A hero and a deeply moral force, Galen stands strong against the forces of corruption that have been unleashed by his own  people. Star Name Only. Lead;

Colonel Joss Morgan: Late 20s or early 30s. A dashing and handsome officer with the Earthforce Marines, he is the head of a security detachment sent to Babylon 5 to protect a contingent of inter-galactic diplomats who are meeting there. Humorous and daring, Morgan tries to  befriend Elizabeth Lochley, the current commander of Babylon 5, but  she's a bit prickly about having her jurisdiction violated by his forces. Later, Morgan and his forces prepare to battle the Hunter Killers unleashed by the evil Tyrell – a virtual suicide mission that they face with gallantry, bravery and resolve. Star Name Only. Lead;

Tyrell: 35–45. Dark, enigmatic, striking and chilling, he is another techno-mage, Galen's old childhood rival, who supposedly departed for a  distant sector of the galaxy years ago. Yet Tyrell has been secretly infiltrating the area, developing the ancient shadow technology and  putting it on sale to the highest bidder. A deadly adversary of  supernatural skill and power, he is not a rogue, as initially suspected. In fact, he is actually carrying out a mandate of his own kind. When Galen resists the corruption and madness, Tyrell prepares to battle him  to the death. Star Name Only. Lead.

(Posted: December 13, 2004)


Слова: Фильм, Память Теней, TMOS

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